Advantages of Dynamic Codes

Advantages of Dynamic Codes

What if you want to keep your campaign flexible, need to modify the content presented or want to know where and when your Code has been scanned? Dynamic QR Codes are a better choice for professional use.

Capture and measure your advertising statistics

Each time a Dynamic Code is scanned, it is recognized when, where and with what device it took place. This detailed information will help you to measure your advertising success, so you can make any necessary adjustments during an ongoing campaign.

New information - same Code

Dynamic QR Codes make it possible to change destination addresses and other Code functionality at any time without having to reprint the Codes themselves. This saves you time and money, and you can adjust your campaigns while they are running. It is possible to replace the target Web address or the document stored in the Code. In addition, you can change the function of a Dynamic Code: for example, from displaying a gallery to displaying a PDF file.

Correct mistakes easily

Especially with complex data such as a URL, it may often happen that you make a mistake when entering it. In the case of Static QR Code you would have to generate a completely new Code to save the correct information. Dynamic Codes, on the contrary, can be edited fast, conveniently and as often as needed.

More freedom in the design due to smaller Codes

The Dynamic QR Code that you print on your promotional materials does not contain the actual content you present to your users, but a short URL assigned to it. Due to this, the code is relatively simple in structure and small in size. The use of the short redirection URL also has the advantage that the Code can be scanned more quickly and thus more easily because there are fewer characters in it.

Plan campaigns flexibly

Your promotional materials are ready for print, but the campaign website not finished? With Dynamic Codes this is not a problem. Link the Codes to be printed to an already existing website and change the stored URL when the actual campaign landing page is completed. So you can quickly respond to the changes in the course of the project, even if the materials are already in the hands of your customers.

Dynamic Codes are as easy to generate as Static ones. If you want to know at all times how successful your campaign is and you want to respond flexibly to changes, Dynamic QR Codes are the correct tool. In order to generate Dynamic QR Codes you need special software, such as offered by

Tips for QR Code campaigns

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